Ice Cream Display Showcase JET
March 18, 2018
IFI Sam80
Ice Cream Display Showcase SAM80
March 18, 2018
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Versatile Display Showcase Mix

IFI Drop-In Delice
Product Brochure || IFI 2017

Mix is the widest range of IFI snack display cases: 11 service counters, 4 different types of glass frames, 4 sizes (L39.37″, 49.21″, 59.05″, 78.74″), one 90° curved corner unit and 2 end modules: right and left-hand side.


  1. Pastry & Cold Snack; Ventilated/static cold (+4°C/+8°C)
    Spec Sheet
  2. Cold – Hot; Ventilated/static cold – dry heat (+4°C/+8°C <—–> +80°C)
    Spec Sheet
  3. Dry Heat & Bain Marie Heat; (+80°C)
    Spec Sheet
  4. Gelato; (-2°C/-18°C)
    Spec Sheet
  5. Pizza
    Spec Sheet
  6. Bakery
    Spec Sheet


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