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March 18, 2018
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March 18, 2018
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IFI Fast Pozetti

Ice Cream Display Showcase Fast Pozzetti

IFI Fast Pozzetti
Spec Sheet || IFI 2017

FAST is a visually appealing “plug-in” pozzetti counter that is ready for use and extremely competitively priced. It comes with ventilated refrigeration and a motor inside. FAST can be installed anywhere and its four swivel wheels allow it to be moved inside and outside.

FAST is designed for gelato parlours that want to expand their gelato/granita serving facilities (perhaps by putting FAST outside when the weather is fine) and also for cafes and restaurants that want to add a gelato/granita counter in their premises.

It is available in four lengths:

  • 4 holes (1100mm)
  • 6 holes (1100mm)
  • 8 holes (1300mm)
  • 10 holes (1500mm)


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