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Pasteurizer Machine Pastochef RTL

Carpigiani Pastochef RTL
Technical Data || Spec Sheet

Electronic pasteurizing machine for confectioners and gastronomy. Pastochef RTL mixes, cooks, pasteurizes, cools, ages and stores, in perfect hygiene, the many specialties that confectioners, gelato makers, chocolatiers and chefs create in their workshops.

Pastochef RTL has 45 full automatic programmes and 5 free programmes; each programme includes the typical temperatures and suitable mixes for the product being made, which can be changed to suit specific needs.

Each Pastochef RTL is accompanied by a full recipe book, divided according to product family. Each recipe shows the minimum and maximum amounts for all of the ingredients suggested on the display, for perfect results, every time.

Pastochef 18 RTL

Dimensions: 450 (w) x 614 (d) x 1110 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50 Hz / 3pH
Power: 2100W
Production in 2 hours: 15 litres
Country of Origin: Italy

Pastochef 32 RTL

Dimensions: 658 (w) x 716 (d) x 1110 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50 Hz / 3pH
Power: 4000W
Production in 2 hours: 30 litres
Country of Origin: Italy

Pastochef 55 RTL

Dimensions: 658 (w) x 720 (d) x 1190 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50 Hz / 3pH
Power: 5600W
Production in 2 hours: 50 litres
Country of Origin: Italy

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