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October 26, 2016
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Floor Standing Batch Freezer Labotronic HE

Carpigiani Labotronic HE
Technical Data || Spec Sheet

Floor standing electronic batch freezer for artisanal gelato. The Labotronic HE is the latest electronic batch freezer that is able to make the work of all artisan gelato makers much easier, because they offer different types of batch freezing to satisfy different requirements, which can change according to season, to the amount of gelato to be produced or to specific needs.

Different programmes are available to produce the gelato of your requirements:

    1. Gelato Excellent
    2. Gelato Speed
    3. Gelato Hard
    4. Gelato Simply
    5. Gelato Simply
    6. Fruit Cremolata


Other Features include:

  • Hard-O-Dynamic
    The exclusive, patented H.O.D. system controls and automatically manages all heat exchanges. There is no change in the time, temperature or beater speed for each different gelato, but the amount of cold needed is varied as necessary.
  • “Intelligent” Hot Gas
    The new-generation RTL machines have raised quality stndards in terms of production and reliability. Even when there is no power to the machine or an accidental stoppage, the machine starts an automatic DEFROST process to allow production to be started up again quickly, while allowing the gelato to be extracted.
  • POM Beater
    The beater has no central shaft. Its POM blades – impenetrable by the cold – facilitate the complete extraction of the gelato every time. Sturdy yet light, it has self-adjusting scraper blades to maintain the cylinder clean and efficient.
  • Post Cooling
    To maintain the consistency of the gelato during extraction, the post cooling function injects cold into the gelato as it comes out of the cylinder.
  • Savings
    Reduction of production times and consumption of electricity and water.



Popular models:

Labotronic 10 45 HE

Dimensions: 520 (w) x 650 (d) x 1400 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50Hz / 3pH
Power: 6400W
Hourly Production: 10kg (min), 45kg (max)
Country of Origin: Italy

Labotronic 15 60 HE

Dimensions: 520 (w) x 650 (d) x 1400 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50Hz / 3pH
Power: 7600W
Hourly Production: 15kg (min), 60kg (max)
Country of Origin: Italy

Labotronic 20 90 HE

Dimensions: 520 (w) x 650 (d) x 1400 (h) mm
Operating on: 400V / 50Hz / 3pH
Power: 9000W
Hourly Production: 20kg (min), 90kg (max)
Country of Origin: Italy

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