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January 23, 2018
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Alto-Shaam Smoker Oven

Smoker Oven

Alto-Shaam Smoker Oven
Product Brochure

  • Smoke it yourself
    Save money on food costs, create unique flavor profiles and reap the benefits
  • If you want unique flavors, do unique things
    1. Introduce bold, new flavors to your menu through a time-honored cooking and flavoring technique
    2. Real wood, real flavor
    3. Hot or col smoke
  • Higher profits, yields with Cook & Hold technology
    1. Unmatched tenderness
    2. Energy efficient
    3. Higher yields means more profits


Single compartment oven 767-SK
Spec Sheet

External Dimensions: 676 (w) x 802 (d) x 848 (h) mm
Internal Dimensions: 559 (w) x 673 (d) x 510 (h) mm
Operating on: 230V / 50Hz / 1pH
Power: 2.8kW
Max Capacity: 45kg (max)
Country of Origin: USA

Double compartment oven 1000-SK-1
Spec Sheet

External Dimensions: 608 (w) x 819 (d) x 1920 (h) mm
Internal Dimensions: 479 (w) x 673 (d) x 683 (h) mm each
Operating on: 230V / 50Hz / 1pH
Power: 5.5kW
Max Capacity: 54kg (max) each
Country of Origin: USA

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